Got it!

Finally captured it onto a picture 🙂

Do you like it?

fingerless gloves

Cotton fingerless mitts

Hi there!

I finished another pair of cotton fingerless mittens. Actually, I have 3 more pairs but haven’t done any pictures of them yet 🙂

But here are light blue ones.

Hope you like them 🙂


Slouchy cotton beanie

Finally – something for myself! Yey!

I really needed new cotton beanie for warmer season. So it happened when I visited my friens’s yarn shop (www.noviest.eu) I saw exacly the colours I love. So I thought a little and figured i try to mix one color with semi-colored yarn. And i think the result is great.

Yarns: Gründl Cotton Quick Uni and Gründl Cotton Quick Print, 3 mm hook.

Do you like it?

fingerless gloves

Cotton fingerless gloves

Hi again! 🙂

I was thinking about making cotton fingerless gloves for this spring. Plus -i had a pattern I really wanted to try. Luckily these two matched and voila! – I have lovely result.

What do you think?