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Autumn is chilly, sometimes even inside. Fingerless gloves will help you and you can still use your fingers to work.


Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves (or wristwarmers, arm warmers, fingerless mittens) are very neccessery for chilly weather, keep your arms as warm as possible but allows you to use your fingers. Many people who take pictures outdoors or are sitting in chilly office are using them, also when driving or on other gloves to give extra warmth.

It’s free pattern on online, if you are interested, please write to me.

If you wanna order a finished product, please visit

wrist warmer, arm warmer, pink, randmesoojendajad4 wrist warmer, arm warmer, mint, randmesoojendajad2 (1) randmesoojendajad, wrist warmers (2) DSC_1040


One of the most needed items is socks. And i love knitting them!

I make bot thin and warm socks. Both are warm but thinner ones are better for chilly weather, warm ones for winter. Thinner ones also fit better into boots. But during winter i really need warmer ones to keep my feet warm.

Here are some of my women socks. Hope you like them. When you click on then you will see more pictures.

roosad villased sokid, woollen socks kootud villased sokid, knitted woolen socks, kirjud kootud sebra sokid, knitted warm zebra soks, villased sokid, wool socks warm white knitted socks, kootud villased sokid4 kootud sokid, knitted purple socks

Hello! :)


I am Kirsti and i love to knit and crochet. I live in Estonia so warm items are needed here pretty often.

I mostly started making socks but now i love to make so many different things. I also have an Etsy shop that you are welcome to visit.

I show you many different items i have made in this blog so come and visit me again 🙂

Kirstime with fall set